This is the section of my portfolio in which I’ll include graphics made primarily in vector programs.


Here is my animal logo that I’ve made in class for a fictitious coffee shop (: (again, I don’t own the fonts or anything, they are already made by someone and I bought/downloaded them from the designers/free font websites).




The logo I made for my mothers sewing business.

sew simple



This is a poster I was tasked to create in one of my graphic design classes. I used the mountainous scene as a way to lead the eye and kept it simple for readability. I wanted a organic/bohemian feel, so I found a specific font I felt exemplified that feel for the more eye catching information. I’m unsure of my trees… but it can always be edited/critiqued!




This one is the first toy box I’ve posted for a school assignment where I had to recreate a logo and make up a toy plus it’s box. (: I had fun with this one and may post more than one of my boxes because I created three toys instead of just one… I went above and beyond for this project. 🙂

SootSprite Toybox



My imagined restaurant logo made for school! Also an ice cream place that I wish existed…




This next one was an editorial we had to create in a typography class I had. I’m including the first page. We had to make the text look nice and organized as well as create a headline graphic for it, which I took into my hands in a creative but ironic sense.

Trump Editorial First Page


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