My fake restaurant logo made for school! Delish! πŸ˜€




The logo I made for my mothers sewing business.

sew simple


This one is the first toy box I’ve posted for a school assignment where I had to recreate a logo and make up a toy plus it’s box. (: I had fun with this one and may post more than one of my boxes because I created three toys instead of just one… I went above and beyond for this project. πŸ™‚

SootSprite Toybox



I decided to post one of my typography assignments to show what I can do with layouts and designs with both type and design. I’m not perfect but I’m proud of my work. The assignment was to create a poster and an invitational to a fake art opening and use a 20th century graphic designer as both inspiration and the artist. I chose Bradbury Thompson ( I spelt his name wrong in the invitational I think, whoops), because I loved his use of bright colors and his stamps were pretty πŸ˜› So this is inspired by his LOVE stamp design!

Invitational Testing


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