My name is Jacquelyn Baysinger. I’ve recently graduated cum laude with an English (creative writing) degree with a graphic design minor! On this page I will be posting past plays, stories, poems, graphics, and illustrations I’ve created in order to show my future employers some of my work and what I’m capable of! I’m excited to dive into the work force with creativity.

Note* If you would like me to create a logo or illustration for you, I’m also doing freelance work! I’ve been creating characters and logos for friends and family, and will soon have my word press updated accordingly so one can see my work. Hope to hear from you!

Also, a little about me… if it’s not already obvious, I’m a bit of a weird character. I love working professionally as long as I’m having fun, and I am a dork of all trades! (Fandoms, anime, D&D, etc.) I just enjoying being creative, and I hope one day that I can both have fun and create professionally as a career!


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