New Poetry added to my page!

Alice Lives Through Paper

My name is written in paper.

Yet there’s frailty in such a thing.

Water smothers it.

Infants can tear it.

Somehow, my name lives beyond

my own life, my family,

and my children.

Dear Alan. Sweet Leo.

Two of my three were stolen by war.

They never came home,

and had nothing more of my legacy than

a name on a stone,

which is short lived compared to paper.

I see my name but beg to read my children’s,

although seeing them would suffice.

Stone lies above hollow graves,

as we have no bodies to bury.

Some may read my name forever,

but who will read yours?


-Jacque Baysinger

Hello there!

Due to the need to create more ways in which I can be contacted and so people can view my work for future employers, I’ve decided to create this blog page! I’ll be posting my writing as well as my illustrated and graphic designs. I’m very excited to begin!

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